Sunday, October 23, 2016

Border Town

Welcome to Tijuana.

 El Donald.

 Hotel Caesar. Originator of the Caesar Salad. Dressing made to order at the table.
 The club was lit.
 El Jai Alai.
 Hella Michelada.
 Everyone knew all the words to what sounded like 90s Mexican alternative and we were bummed we couldn't join.. Then The Strokes' "Last Night" came on and we got stoked.
 Right on the border.
Little blue pill for the road.

Just when you thought you were done with Mexico, Montezuma gives you a keepsake.


Brandon Getty said...

just what the doctor ordered: hot, fresh content. sean-tent.

isaac said...

"TJ is lit"

Lil-Bucket said...

Tj is so lit rite now bro lol