Monday, July 8, 2019


 A few shots I took with the Olympus Infinity Stylus on Portra 800 film. Wish I had shot more of this!



Saturday, July 6, 2019


Here is a giant collection of digital photos from my time in Genoa and Sardinia. Not comprehensive but gives a sense of the trip.

 Arriving in Genoa after 24 hours of travel.

Walking around central Genoa.

 Borderline plaque-worthy.

 Never enough Apperol Spritzes.

 Evening closer to home in Bocadesse.

 Some sort of holiday festival taking place in front of the house.


 Getting some fresh clay.

 Beach club after tennis.

 Trivia night.

 Visiting Cinque Terre


 Hike was brutal. Good reminder to always do your homework.

 Vernazza finally in view.

 Worth the trek.

 Super good.

 Bye Genoa.

 Ferries seem to employ cartoon themes often.
 We got a Looney Tunes-themed Moby.
 Room for the night.

 Ok, NOW bye Genoa.

 Hello Sardinia.

 First beach near the rental car place. Not bad.

 Our place in old town Orosei.

 Boat tour to otherwise inaccessible beaches. Words cannot describe.

Stop off at a cave with stalagtites and whatnot.

 Back on the boat.

 The Austrians were rad.

 Zoom in to see the climbers at the peak of the pointy one.

Some film photos to come.