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Show Business

These are alternate prints to the versions I like most and put up in the pleasant thing. But they probably look the exact same to everyone other than me anyway. 175 posts, really?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Genre Fiction

For whatever reason, the sponsors were pulled from this article. I'll post it up here because a.) I already typed it, and b.) I can. If you could put up with parts one and two, you might just be ready for Part Three of Skart Beach: The Pleasant Skateboards Valentine's Weekend Tour. Now 50% more dated.

...The next day started out like any good day of skateboarding should. I woke up and found a note under my door informing me that my friends left for the skatepark without me. No matter, the park was only five minutes away and obviously the talent needs extra time to find their skate-legs in the new and more chill nautical environment.

When I eventually made it down to The Mike Fox Skatepark (The Wave Park)[The New Park]{The Park}, the action was well underway but it was obvious the kinks were not quite worked out, as stated by Wes’ wall jam attempt to accidental hesh rock to fakie crumble. After a liberal amount of skating around and snide skatepark gossiping we left our gated community for the sandy streets.

We started out at the first of at least three known rock spots in the area. This particular one was recently made famous in Lowcard Magazine's Pissin' In The Wind film. Not much to speak of here other than the arrival of the foremost scholarly but nonetheless ripping skater of the group Brandon Getty. Not long after, a one Burger Face also showed up to the spot to balance the delicate flip-in/wallie ratio. From there, we moved up the street to a tall white sidewalk banister that P. Gould proceeded to cut down in perceptive height. The gutter gap and uneven grinding surface made an already difficult obstacle impossible for anyone else to step to, but Pat racked up the first clips of the trip in a matter of minutes.

As we got ready to move on a middle-aged man slowly approached us without saying a word. After a few beats of awkward silence we started to walk away. Then he told us to leave. The most pointless kick-out in history.

As we travelled down the road we happened upon a scenic handrail spot.

Brandon tore it apart, literally straight out of the wall. When the rail fell dismantled Brandon was so angry that he could no longer get the trick that he picked the rail up over his head and slammed it against the wall. The outburst left a small crater of wrinkled stucco, the mere sight of which seemed to enrage Brandon even more, as he continued to abuse the structure. Before anyone had time to react to the scene a nearby curtain drew back and a bug-eyed Samoan man gave us the ancient look of death. We bombed the hill out of there with the sound of a door busting open in our wake. At the bottom of the hill a sandy brown Escalade pulled up. Our friend Robbie Valencia motioned to get in, as if the preceding events were all planned long ago. In the passengers seat was a guy they called Deedee. Deedee threw up a deuce and I could tell he had alot on his mind...


We were at this, like, spot with some rocks and it was pretty good. Wes was launching off this green pole thing and getting some pretty good hang time. It was aight but I mostly chilled on a bench and scoped the scene. Peter was bluntsliding like whaat until nature called. When homies looked my way I smiled, to stoke the session, you know? But sometimes I was thinking about my kids back home so I got a serious face, you know?
From there we split up. There was only one car and like twelve heads so I joined the street shredders to peep some spots on the way to the high school while the other prissy fools cruised over in the Escalade. We rolled up to some grimy Santa Cruz banks and some other cutty spots. When we got to the high school the session was going off! But that shit's boring so we went to Derby.


It was just reaching the hallowed Golden Hour at Derby. There was a small selection of local rippers there but they welcomed us with the famous Derby hospitality to out-of-towners. Pat grabbed some large melons over the hip headed downstream. I took some great photos but unfortunately there was a camera malfunction. I love film. We wiled away the sunlight on the grassy banks overlooking the snake run.

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L'art Pour L'art

I wonder if anyone who visits this site has not seen this poster yet. Should be an interesting mix, though I expect at least half the people listed aren't going to be in it. I'll be there, but only due to legal coincidence...

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You're Clear!

Pat Gould. Switch Frontside Flip

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The Maestro

killing per usual.